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Canomag is compatible with all


MOUNTING Instructions






Finally, a chance to admire your pendant lights hanging from the ceiling! Using a ceiling canopy, which can be fitted in just a few simple steps, you can emphasise any lighting creation neutrally yet with style, whilst looking sensational at the same time. No visible screws, always flush with the ceiling - with just a single magnetic click, everything is fitted gap-free (even on slopes), hiding any electrics and keeping it classy.  The design is clear! Ingeniously simple. Ingeniously stunning. Simply wonderful: Canomag.



Unbelievably good hold

Choose your Canomag magnetic system from 7 versions – from a classic

white or black in high-quality plastic – or something a bit more classy: milled aluminium in matt white, matt black, matt gold, rose gold and palladium silver.

All of them magnetically beautiful!



Even the most beautiful LIGHTING can be

even more beautiful: Canomag


  • The sturdy ceiling plate is mounted using 3 simple screws.
  • Electric cables are connected simply and safely.
  • The cables are placed into the practical guide and strain relief - everything is always hung centrally.
  • With just one click the magnet locks flush, doing just one thing: Looking great in incredible light.



is hung


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